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ZYDACRON has more than ten years of engineering experience in the Telehealth domain. The BETAVISTA video communication system with integrated data transfer was specifically developed as a response to the new needs emerging from an ageing society and a growing demand for elderly care. It enables video visits, remote monitoring and vital signs data capture as a supplement to or replacement for a nurse’s home visits.

Product Information
06.04 Communication systems
Peripherals 10.09.2008

Telehealth Solutions for Remote Vital Signs Monitoring

Medical devices can be attached to BETAVISTA to allow remote monitoring of a patient’s vital signs as and when required. These “Virtual Visits” maximise convenience by eliminating the need for travel by the patient or care provider. Telehealth solutions from ZYDACRON have some unique features in data sharing and information exchange between either end of a video call. Selected products in the ZYDACRON range provide the ability to: Connect a computer to each videophone to share information and documents in real time. Connect medical and other devices with a serial or bluetooth connection to send uninterrupted data from end to end. Devices successfully tested for use with ZYDACRON Technology include: ECG, Blood Pressure, Pulse Oximetry, Weight, Digital Stethoscopes, Document Cameras, Digital Video Cameras, Derma Cams, ENT Scopes, TV’s, VCR’s, DVD’s and LCD Monitors. BETAVISTA supports different types of medical devices. Virtually any device that supports a serial or bluetooth connection can be supported.

06.04.18 Video conference systems
BETAVISTA videocare system 10.09.2008

BETAVISTA reduces the cost of care for elderly and enhances their wellbeing by providing a new level of interactive home telecare and interaction with service providers. BETAVISTA is a powerful and feature rich system with a small foot print ready for home or clinical environments.

The simplicity of BETAVISTA makes telehealth convenient for the patients. One touch on the call button starts or ends the video call to the care provider. Relatives, doctors abroad, third parties can enter the network via Internet.

06.15 Telemedicine
BETAVISTA videocare system 13.10.2008

Unser BETAVISTA Video-Care-System ist eine Lösung für das Telemonitoring von chronisch kranken Patienten und anderen Patienten, die einen erhöhten Betreuungsbedarf haben. Medizinische Messgeräte wie z.B. Blutdruckmesser, Pulsoximeter, EKG, Blutzuckermessgeräte sowie eine digitale Personenwaage können an unser System angeschlossen werden und übertragen die Messwerte an eine zentrale Datenbank, die nur von autorisierten Personen gelesen werden kann.

06.15.02 Real time transmitting systems

06.15.03 Healthcare networks
Smart Homes 13.10.2008

With the BETAVISTA videocare system
Zydacron provides the platform for connecting various services:

care provider (including video communication)
alarm systems (including video communication)
home automation
meals on wheels
video on demand
are part of the opportunities

An important issue for elderly people is to stay at home as long as possible.
Intelligent homes – “Smart Homes” are no longer a design concept for the future. Smart Homes can be used to support elderly and disabled people, providing safe, secure and empowering environments. Smart Homes enhanced by the Zydacron Solutions make it possible that elderly people can stay independent in their homes.

The user can be connected via TV to care service providers, relatives or different service providers (eg. meals on wheels, hairdresser, laundry).

Patients are able to send their medical data e.g. bloodpressure via data transfer to their doctor and can discuss the results via video. These systems allow the individual to feel secure in their homes knowing that help is available any time.