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91052 Erlangen

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Geschäftsführung Cornel Schoelgens

Marketing & PR Andrea Franke

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Number of employees 100-499
Sales volume 10-49 Mio US $
Year of foundation 1999
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

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Hybrid Ultrasound
ZONARE Medical Systems, Inc. is a privately-held company that designs, develops and manufactures a new breed of high-performance ultrasound solutions which combine its proprietary technology with an innovative physical design. ZONE SONOGRAPHY technology, ZONARE’s unique, patented approach to ultrasound imaging, is focused on bringing premium image quality and performance to clinical settings, leading to advanced diagnostic capabilities, portability, cost-effective operation, maintenance and upgrades, and attractive value to clinicians.

Representing one of the most significant ultrasound breakthroughs in decades, ZONE SONOGRAPHY technology from ZONARE makes possible the world’s only Hybrid/Convertible Ultrasound platform.
ZONE SONOGRAPHY acquires ultrasound data up to ten times faster than conventional systems, which enables the Z.ONE platform to provide premium image quality, performance and features, as well as advanced image processing capabilities. In addition, the software-based Z.ONE ultrasound system can be easily upgraded with frequent, customer-driven product advancements. Z.ONE customers can maintain a state-of-the-art ultrasound system and add new clinical applications and advanced image processing capabilities in a timely and cost-effective manner, resulting in an attractive total cost of ownership.

The software-based architecture allows us to minimize hardware components in the Z.ONE ultrasound system. At the touch of a button, the Z.ONE instantly converts from a full-featured, cart-based unit to 5.5 pound (2.5 kilos) premium compact ultrasound system, optimizing its versatility in a variety of clinical settings, without sacrificing image quality and performance.

Based on ZONE SONOGRAPHY technology, ZONARE’s breakthrough Auto-Opt with ZST (Zone Speed Technology) option instantly equalizes tissue gain and brightness in real time with the touch of a button – for every acoustic window. Uniquely, this upgrade provides the ability for the operator to automatically afjust for each individual’s unique body sound propagation and fully optimize the ultrasound image – something never before achieved. Thus, the clinical image is fully optimized immediately.

Product Information
01.02.06 Ultrasound diagnostic equipment
TRANSDUCERS 17.10.2008

ZONARE’s Zone Sonography technology has been called one of the most major advances in ultrasound in the past several years. This technology has enabled many new breakthroughs in ultrasound such as the world’s first Hybrid/Convertible ultrasound system.

Zone Sonography has also been the basis for new advanved transducer technology as well. The new transducer technology greatly expands imaging capabilities and applications, whether used with the Z.ONE’s full-featured, cart-based configuration or the premium, portable compact unit.

The new transducer technology, with its wide bandwidth imaging and expanded range of frequencies, provides:

– Increased penetration and sensitivity
– Excellent image resolution
– Greater clinical information
– Expanded clinical application

All transducers are lightweight and ergonomically designed. This offers far easier imaging access and increased operator comfort. Additionally the ZONARE family of transducers offers greater clinical impact across all patient types.

Z.ONE MINI SYSTEM 13.10.2008

Where space or economics is an issue.

ZONARE’s ultrasound miniCart provides not only convenience but functionality as well. It is a customized, ergonomic mobile platform that holds and secures the Z.ONE system’s can engine when space is tight and a cart is needed. The Z.ONE MINI SYSTEM is designed for crowded clinical settings, such as emergency departments, private offices or interventional radiology suites.

The system features a full-size keyboard for easy annotation and patient data entry and a unique integrated touch screen interface.

The FastKey Menu on the scan engine offers a set of self-programmable buttons, or soft keys, which allow access to specific applications at the touch of a button on the screen and enables customers to reduce exam times.

Advanced LCD for ambient light conditions is easy to position and collapses for convenient transport.

Other features include a security lock for the scan engine and a multifunction connector, or QuikConnect, enabling digital video and USB capabilities for image archive to a memory stick, connecting optional peripheral items like external printers and monitors or connection to a network.


Designed by and for ultrasound professionals.

Providing smooth and seamless convertibility, the Z.ONE ULTRA SYSTEM combines the Scan Engine with the SmartCart and, combined, weighs 125 pounds and features numerous customer-recommended, hardware and software advances:

Compact and mobile cart-based footprint for easy maneuverability.

Instantly converts to a premium compact unit for full exam capabilities.

Optional battery power pack provides up to three hours of continuous scanning operation.

The 80 gigabyte internal hard drive provides image storage capabilities for demanding workloads.

19″ high resolution flat screen LCD mounted on an articulating arm offering customers a full viewing angle.

Multiple USB connections for external storage, peripheral devices and networking connectivity.

One of the most environmentally friendly systems available on the ultrasound market: The system uses as little as one-tenth the power and generates much less heat than many conventional ultrasound systems, resulting in decreased use of electricity and air conditioning and less greenhouse gas emissions, increasing cost savings to customers and contributing to a cleaner environment.

The Z.ONE ULTRA SYSTEM takes full advantage of Moore’s Law harnessing the power of exponentially increased processing power. This translates to continuous advances in image quality and greater retrospective processing tools on the Completely stored data set provided by ZONE SONOGRAPHY technology. The data set, Channel Domain Memory, includes all of the raw data from the ultrasound signal allowing the clinician full access to all the image data.
No other ultrasound technology provides this capability.


The first convertible ultrasound system.

The original Z.ONE ULTRASOUND SYSTEM provides an attractive and economical alternative for practices that do not require the advanced image processing capabilities of the Z.ONE ULTRA SYSTEM. The system combines the scan engine with the SuperCart.

The cart-based configuration has a full featured user interface like those in a conventional ultrasound unit. The system features a 13″ flat panel display designed for ambient light conditions, is easy to position and collapses for convenient transport. The backlit keyboard is ergonomic and can be used in dimly-lit exam rooms. Images are stored on a removable USB memory stick that allows customers to archive and transfer their work. Doppler sonography equipment and accessories Echocardiographs and evaluation systems Colour dopplers Transcranial dopplers Ultrasound equipment for gynaecological and obstetric use Ultrasound scanners

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