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38116 Braunschweig

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Company Figures
Number of employees 50-99
Sales volume 10-49 Mio US $
Year of foundation 1928
Area of business Components, Parts, Original Equipment Manufacturers

Design, Research and Development Services

Manufacturing Services

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About us

Innovation and experience from a single source – ZETT OPTICS is a leading supplier for the implementation of lighting technology solutions for medical and laboratory applications and other challenging environments. From LEDs to halogen incandescent lamps and discharge lamps, from entire systems to plastic optical components: we design, develop and manufacture the perfect solution for your application. This includes optical, mechanical, and electronic design and implementation. Founded in 1928, ZETT OPTICS has over 75 years of experience in lighting technology and over two decades of experience in medical and laboratory technology. Our scientific advisory council and a network of partners at research institutes, universities and associations ensures that we will maintain our leading technological status in the future.

Product Information
03.46 Lamps

06.15 Optical engineering services
LED-SYSTEMS 10.09.2008

High-performance, long-life and small: LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are increasingly the light source of choice for advanced lighting demands.

We work with individual LEDs and LED arrays sourced from a range of manufacturers. We use them to implement best-of-breed illumination concepts as regards light intensity, colour rendition, and flexibility of beam-shaping and downstream light-guiding elements. The same applies to triggering concepts and heat management. Combined with our expertise in plastic optics, we are able to deliver complete lighting modules, optimised from a single source.


Homogenous illumination. Maximum luminous intensity. Luminous field monitoring. Colour rendition and colour temperature. Shadow-free illumination. Optimised fibre coupling. Each application has its own individual specifications. We reflect this in the system design. Our optical design department has a full range of expertise from A for aperture, F for fibre optic, R for reflector, and Z for ZETT. We combine expertise with modern simulation programs such as ZEMAX and TracePro to provide creative and cost-effective solutions for your application. We can exchange simulation data with you and transfer these data to CAD environments for mechanical design. This enables you to evaluate the overall system at each development stage.

15.03.07 Injection-moulding

ZETT OPTICS manufactures a large range of complex optical and precision plastic components – order size can vary from just a few hundred items to several hundreds of thousand items.

We are one of the very few companies worldwide to offer injection compression moulding to manufacture components with a highly precise profiling of optically active surfaces, high surface quality, and homogenous, low birefringence structure. Injection compression moulding can also be used for applying micro- and nanostructures for anti-reflection or anti-soiling purposes. We also use conventional injection moulding – naturally to the same high quality standards we apply to all our products. For precision components, we are capable of manufacturing to a tolerance of within just a few 10µm for electro-mechanical diaphragms, filter assemblies, control elements, and housings. We use PMMA, polycarbonate (PC), ABS, POM, PEEK, and other materials, depending on the optical, mechanical, and thermal specifications of your product.

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