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September 7, 2008

Websinger GmbH

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Johann Galler-Str. 15
2120 Wolkersdorf

Phone: +43 2245 82488
Fax: +43 2245 82493

Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

GF Andreas Leitner Johann-Galler-Straße 15, A-2120 Wolkersdorf

QM Ruth Kirschenhofer Johann-Galler-Straße 15, A-2120 Wolkersdorf

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History of the Company
The Company was founded in 1982, for the development and production of sterile covers for devices. Today, and in
co-operation with our customers, further developments are made from prototype to finished article. Our products are exported to many European countries and are popular because of their quality and flexibility.

In addition to the manufacture of sterile covers, Websinger also distributes specialist items to the ENT sector and this activity now forms the basis of a new product line.

Websinger also markets surgical wound drainage products (WEB-SIL Drainages). These are manufactured in medical grade silicone and are availabel in a wide range of variations.

Product Information
01.03.16 Thermotherapy systems
BLOWER PWS 71 000 10.09.2008

Product features
The max. temperature preselection is 41
°C, corresponding to EN 60601-2-35.
A multiple safety switch-off independent
from each other ensures the safety of the
The air flow volume represents about 92
m³/h free blowing.
A fast warming is guaranteed with a
ceramic heating element (in 30 sec. to
Easy handling by means of clear symbols.
Easy changing of the filter.
The dimensions of the Blower are about 260
mm x 370 mm x 560 mm.
The weight of the Blower is about 10 kg.
The Blower can be used as a floor-mounted
appliance on 4 rolls or can be fixed with an
available screw coupling on a tripod.
The air required will be intaken on the back.
The flush surface of the tube allows an easy
The thermo regulation is controlled by a
thermo sensor at the end of the tube.
Whilst the operation the acoustic level is
below 55 dB, this is up to the loudness of a
normal conversation.
Because of the length of the line cord (4 m)
the positioning of the Blower is possible in a
larger area.
The following temperatures can be selected:
Ventilation, 32°C, 35°C, 38°C and 41°C.
The thermo regulation is in the range of +/-
The Blower is equipped with a Hepa filter,
class H13, with an efficiency of 0,3 µ (0,03
microns – 99,95 %).
The length of the hose is 1,5 m with a
diameter of 58 mm


Product features
Seven different types available.
Easy inserting of the hose.
Micro-perforation avoids air turbulence.
Easy fixing on the patient by means of
eudermic adhesive strips.
There are two possibilities of placing the air
tube for the Upper Body Warming Blanket.
This serves the user to position the Blower
The upper- and patient side of the warming
blanket could be easily kept apart because of
the colors.
WHITE – patient side
BLUE – upper side
The material is a Non Woven which meets the
requirements of EN ISO 10993. Hyper thermo therapy systems / Hyperthermia systems

05.02 Universal medical commodities
Bit Protection 10.09.2008

Fits nearly every maxilla.
Stable as teeth, palate and upper denture are covered.
No spatial restriction.
Flush surface.

Bivalve Splints made of PTFE Type Reuter Splint 10.09.2008

Reuter Nasal Splints are the most used PTFE splints. These splints have proved themselves in clinical use for more than 20 years.
Beside the well-known prefabricated splint in the sizes of 0,25 mm and 0,50 mm we may offer you also rectangular sheetings made of PTFE and silicone for individual modulation.

Double Airway Splint I 10.09.2008

Nasal splint for postoperative nasal tamponade while maintaining of nasal respiration.
The design of the airway canal (rectangular) as well as a higher Shore grade assure the nasal respiration even using a firm tamponade.

Easy Flow Drain 30 und 50 10.09.2008

The WEB-SIL Easy Flow Drainage is one of the most used drainages. Available in different lengths and widths. The material of the Easy Flow Drain consists of a soft Medical Grade Silicone so its quality is highly compliant. The internal surface causes a capillary action with which ichor can be removed gently. For further security the drainages are radio opaque..

Round Drain System with Drainage bag 10.09.2008

The Round Drain System consists of our Round Drain in combination with a drainage bag. This system offers high security because of the closed drainage system.


Transparent and light blue
Silicone Sheets in different sizes and measurements for individual modulation.
The sheets are made of Medical Grade Silicone and are certified for a retention period of 29 days.

WEB-SIL DRAIN 10.09.2008

Special Round Drain

The Special Round Drain is mostly used where the need of the high quantity of drainage eyes is important. Available in small diameters and its length is 127 cm. The distal end is centrally open and is also radio opaque which offers highest security.

08.04 Operating theatre textiles

08.04.01 OT textile covering-disposables
Sterile drapes for devices 10.09.2008

• Neurosurgical Chair-Drapes
• C-Arm-Drapes
• Angiography-Drapes
• Camera-Drapes
• Laser-Arm-Drapes
• Remote-Control-Drapes
• Footswitch-Drapes
• Console-Drapes
• Led-Screen-Drapes
• Thermo Cover

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